Teachers Informational Booklet Concerning Dyslexia
I. Screening and Treatment
II. Characteristics
III. Preliminary Data Collection
IV. Student Performance
V. Speech and Language
VI. Intelligence Testing
VII. Special Education
VIII. Program for Students With Dyslexia or Related Disorders
IX. Suggestions for Parents of Children with Learning Difficulties
X. Suggestions for the Classroom Teacher
Teacher Questionnaire
Diagnostic Checklist
Encouraging Your Child to Read: A Guide to Parents
Classroom Suggestions for Teachers of Dyslexics
Classroom Modifications and Adaptations
Dyslexia Profile
Parental Notification of Student Identification Form
Parental Consent Form for Placement into the Dyslexia Program
Parental Notification / Student Exit Form
Parental Consent Form for Exit from the Dyslexia Program