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Dyslexia Resources

Dr. Vaz has compiled dyslexia resources for teachers and parents from several different sources.  These resources include informational booklets and sample forms and checklists.  An effort has been made to give credit to those who have made these available.

"Champions For Children" Radio Broadcast Archive
Teacher's Informational Booklet Concerning Dyslexia Dyslexia Referral Process
Dyslexia: An Appropriate Time to Assess
PowerPoint Presentation
Inattentive Learning Disorders
PowerPoint Presentation

"Champions For Children" Radio Broadcast Archive

The "Champions For Children" radio show is broadcast live every Sunday from 8:15-8:45 AM CST on KCTI-FM Gonzales, Texas and on the Web.  Below are archived broadcasts, click on the titles to listen to the streaming audio.

Date Topic Abstract Length
12/02/01 Improving Reading Skills Dr. Vaz discusses things that parents can do to help parents help their children in improving their reading skills. 36m 30s
11/25/01 High Stakes Testing Dr. Vaz discusses living with the many tests children take in today's schools. 33m 41s
11/18/01 Allowances for Kids Dr. Vaz discusses recommendations for dealing with allowances for kids. 33m 20s
11/11/01 Homework Dr. Vaz discusses ways for parents to help their children deal with their school homework. 33m 07s
11/04/01 Education and the Struggle to Improve Dr. Vaz discusses ways in which education offsets some of the challenges that confront persons with handicaps. 21m 21s
10/28/01 Teaching Reading Skills Dr. Vaz talks to Dana Flannigan about things that aid the integration of children with handicaps into our society. 29m 38s
10/07/01 Child Abuse Dr. Vaz discusses child abuse with Annette Hodges Brothers from Child Protective Services. 46m 07s
9/16/01 Effects Of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack Dr. Vaz discusses the psychological effects of the 9/11 terrorist attack with Sherri Poe, an experienced counselor. 33m 46s
9/01/01 Secrets for Teaching Preschoolers Dr. Vaz discusses an article from a September 2001 Parenting Magazine article. 31m 18s
?/01 Sibling Fighting Dr. Vaz discusses how to understand and deal with sibling fights. 29m 37s
?/01 Parents Who Meddle Too Much Dr. Vaz discusses an April 2001 article from Time Life. 24m 50s
?/01 Education Dr. Vaz discusses adult education with July Fairchild from the Gonzales Learning Career Center. 33m 10s
?/01 Age by Age Safety Guide Dr. Vaz discusses an article on safety from Parenting Magazine. 28m 04s
8/5/01 Bullying Dr. Vaz discusses school age bullying with Shirley Hill-Scott. 27m 37s
8/02/01 Literacy Laws Dr. Vaz discusses literacy laws and how they may affect persons dealing with learning disorders or handicaps. 30m 03s
7/29/01 Juvenile Delinquency Dr. Vaz visits with Brad Bittan, a Juvenile lawyer dealing with juvenile delinquency, dependency and neglect, and special education. 31m 03s
7/8/01 Emotional Health of Children ages 0-18 months Dr. Vaz discusses information from a book dealing with influences on early emotional developmental stages. 29m 15s
6/27/01 Summer Safety Dr. Vaz and guest Sergeant Tim Crow discuss summer safety tips. 30m 38s
6/17/01 Terrific Triumphant Twos Dr. Vaz discusses two year old parenting challenges with pediatrician Dr. Val Hay. 30m 38s
6/03/01 The Daddy Bond Dr. Vaz discusses the role of the father in raising children, with reference to June 2001 American Baby, and Parenting Magazine articles. 33m 39s
5/06/01 Children's Nutrition Dr. Vaz discusses children's nutrition with pediatrician Dr. Val Hay. 31m 18s
1/7/01 Discussing Sex Issues with Your Young Child Dr. Vaz discusses way to discuss sex issues with 2-6 year olds in a developmentally appropriate manner. 29m 27s
9/20/00 Shaken Baby Syndrome An excellent discussion with Bonnie Armstrong of the Shaken Baby Alliance.  We recommend that every adult and teenager listen to this discussion.  58m 06s
9/19/00 Adolescence Dr. Vaz and Frank Behrendt discuss adolescence 59m 24s
6/27/00 Temporal Lobe Seizures and Genetic Factors in Alcoholism A short discussion about a Human Genome Project announcement, then discussion about Temporal Lobe Seizures (beginning at  12m 42s) and their behavioral effects.  Dr. John Roach,  Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, calls in (beginning at 15m 8s) with information about the Genetic Factors in Alcoholism. 56m 03s
5/23/00 Inattentive Learning Disorders Dr. Vaz revisits the topic of Inattentive Learning Disorders including: ADHD without Hyperactivity, CAPD, and Childhood Depression. 53m 51s
5/16/00 The Effect of Ritalin on Our Society Dr. Vaz postulates on the Effects of Ritalin on Our Society. 1h 0m 04s
5/09/00 Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Dr. Vaz revisits ADHD after the American Academy of Pediatrics published guidelines for treatment of ADHD. 57m 14s
5/2/00 Foster Parenting and Adoption Nicole Green and Ovideo Garcia discuss foster parenting and adoption. 54m 15s
4/18/00 Other Family and Child Services  Natalie Knesek, a County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences with the Texas Agricultural Extension Agency on Gonzales County, (currently the Executive Director for GRCAC) and Eva Aleman, from the Family Outreach of DeWitt County, discuss their work with children and families. 53m 57s
4/11/00 STAR Regional STAR coordinators, John Cook and Dolores Tucker, discuss their goals and roles in helping kids.  53m 03s
4/4/00 CPS The Gonzales County Child Protective Services employees explain their goals and their roles in helping families. 54m 21s
3/28/00 Teen Suicide Dr. Vaz and Frank Behrendt discuss the serious topic of Teen Suicide. 45m 31s
3/21/00 Childhood Depressive Disorder Dr. Vaz discusses Childhood Depressive Disorder. 35m 07s
3/14/00 Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Dr. Vaz and Frank Behrendt, a licensed Specialist in School Psychology, discuss ADHD with Hyperactivity. 32m 09s
3/07/00 Inattentive Learning Disorders Dr. Vaz discusses several inattentive learning disorders, including: ADHD without Hyperactivity,  Absence Seizure, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Childhood Depressive Disorder, Central Auditory Processing Deficit, Childhood Anxiety Disorder and Schizophrenia.  29m 53s
2/15/00 Dr. Pennington's Story Dr. Vaz and Dr. Pennington discuss Dr. Pennington's struggle with dyslexia. 30m 48s
1/25/00 Dr. Vaz's Story Dr. Vaz discusses his personal struggle with dyslexia from childhood through medical school and beyond. 33m 33s

You can listen to these archived programs by clicking on the respective title.  You will need the free Real Media Player.  If you do not have it installed on your computer, download it from .  The link for the free player is at the bottom of the page.

Teachers Informational Booklet Concerning Dyslexia

  1. Screening and Treatment
  2. Characteristics
  3. Preliminary Data Collection
  4. Student Performance
  5. Speech and Language
  6. Intelligence Testing
  7. Special Education
  8. Program for Students With Dyslexia or Related Disorders
  9. Suggestions for Parents of Children with Learning Difficulties
  10. Suggestions for the Classroom Teacher

If you would like to download the entire Dyslexia Booklet in MS Word format click here.  If you are using MS Internet Explorer and the booklet is displayed in the browser, you can print the booklet by selecting print from the Internet Explorer File menu.

*Special thanks to the Nixon-Smiley Consolidated Independent School District.

Dyslexia Referral Process

  • Teachers
    • Definition of Dyslexia
    • Dyslexia Referral Flow Chart
    • Difficulties that may be Associated with Dyslexia (Checklist)
    • Dyslexia Referral Form
    • Teacher Checklist
    • Attachment Request
  • Parents
    • Referral Process Information Letter
    • Signature Request
    • Parent Checklist

*Special thanks to Gonzales Independent School District and Sandra C. Dickey Burrows, M.Ed., CALT, Dyslexia Coordinator G.I.S.D.,Certified Academic Language Therapist, Certified Irlen Screener.

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