Conduct Disorder

As has been stated earlier, this condition is considered a continuum in untreated Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Three or more symptoms of Conduct Disorder need to be present and occurring over the past 12 months for the diagnosis to be assigned. These symptoms should be present prior to age 10 years but can be as early as 5 years of age. Again, Conduct Disorder is population dependent, being found more frequently in urban communities. It affects 6% to 16% of males and 2% to 9% of females. Symptoms of Conduct Disorder are listed in Table # 8 and include bullying others, initiating physical fights, and using weapons for their defense, such as a knife, gun, or club. Children with Conduct Disorder are very physically abusive to people and animals, and confrontational in their crimes.

Bullies others
Initiates physical fights
Uses weapons for defense
Physically cruel to people and animals
Confrontational in crimes
Sets fires with the intent to destroy
Destroys others' properties
Runs away from home
School truancy
Table #8