Absence Seizure (Petit Mal)

Absence Seizure is one of the ILD. An EEG is required for the diagnosis. The EEG is positive when there is bilateral synchronous, symmetric 3-Hz. Spike-and-wave. Clinically, it presents with a sudden onset of loss of consciousness but without loss of muscle tone. There is no aura or postictal somnolence. Onset is usually between the ages of four years to adolescence, with the peak age of seven. There is also a rare case of reading induced absence seizure that has been reported but not yet studied.

No aura
No postictal state
Sudden onset of loss of consciousness
Onset 4 years to adolescence
Peak age of onset 6 to 7 years old
Bilateral, Synchronous, Symmetric 3-Hz Spike-and-wave on EEG.
Rare cases of reading induced